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Saturday, July 5 2014

July 5th, 2014

Our Fourth of July festivities at the farm began with the traditional “milking of the cows,” meaning that since the animals don’t take a vacation, neither do we. Although we did have Woodcrest hamburgers for dinner before heading to Chapel Hill to see the fireworks. Grandpa, Ryan, and Joe officially finished ¬†electrical wiring and bathroom plumbing in the barn as well.

Today Grandma and Grandpa left for Uncle Tim and Aunt Jaimie’s lake house while the rest of us held down the fort. Ryan and I used our lazy Saturday to mop every inch of the first floor: twice. It’s amazing to feel wood underneath our feet again; working farmhouses tend to get coated in dog hair, mud stains, and onion peels. Beth harvested in the garden and finished up her CSAs. This evening, Chris and Dillan got stranded in Roxboro when Chris’ car broke down so Megan, Ryan, and I pitched in to cover their milking shift. Heidi was especially ornery today so hopefully she’ll have her calf soon and lay off the hormonally-charged craziness in the milking parlor.

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