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Tuesday, July 1 2014

July 1st, 2014

Today was Fudge’s last day at Woodcrest, much to the sorrow of some and the celebration of others. Puppies are deceptive animals: they melt your heart right before they pee on the floor. Before she left, Megan and Jaryn gave her a bath which brought out the most pathetic puppy eyes you’ve ever seen.

After chores, Megan and I did a little weeding and harvesting, which I’m actually beginning to ¬†enjoy. With the constant motion on the farm, gardening time gives me a few hours to think about life. While we were outside, Grandma recuperated inside watching Frozen for the first time with Mykah and Jaryn. Megan and I both began working on our class reading when we finished lunch, but due to our colds we both fell asleep within a matter of minutes. I conked out in the 100 degree hayloft with my feet dangling over the edge; I guess I really was tired. When I stumbled down the ladder after my nap, I helped Ryan with some of the preliminary work for the new electrical conduit we’re installing in the barn. Well, more like I provided the moral support and he provided the muscle. Earlier in the day, he finished the plumbing job in the barn bathroom with some help from Joe. We took a well-deserved break to watch Belgium beat the U.S. in the World Cup before Grandma and Grandpa left for Bible study.

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  1. July 5th, 2014 at 09:06 | #1

    Quote of the week:
    “Puppies are deceptive animals – they melt your heart right before they pee on the floor” – Julia Rose Oller

    How true this is. Our parlor suffered the ravages of Fudge’s juvenile incontinence, leading to (justified) paranoia that Diane’s new puppy Grace will assume the same license when visiting. Arrgggh! This typifies the collision between the Ruth Green world view (No dogs in the house!!!) with the Betty Bell approach (Dogs are family) which has afflicted our family for three generations. Will this schism ever be resolved?

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