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Saturday, June 21 2014

June 21st, 2014

While Grandpa bested the rest of us with his 15 mile hike along the Eno River section of the Mountain to the Sea Trail, the rest of us had a slower paced but no less wonderful day. Ryan, Noah, Megan, and I took a trip to the Hillsborough Farmers’ Market only to discover that Mapleview Ice Cream was having “customer appreciation day.” We scored free bowls of Carolina Crunch complete with whipped cream and oddly textured brownies.

Back at home, Grandma welcomed our 30 new hens, who are currently huddled together in their pen looking as traumatized as a kindergartner on the first day of school. Hopefully they’ll acclimate soon and begin laying eggs for us. Beth continued her fight with the leaf mold on the squash plants which has been a real pain over the last few days. We also began working with our wild puppy, Fudge, to get her ready for her new home. Since she started ┬árunning with the big dogs she has refused to listen to our commands. As soon as I put her on the leash this morning, she gave me the classic pleading puppy dog eyes and immediately calmed down. Look who’s the boss now, little girl.

After some evening exploring in the woods behind the pasture, we made our second batch of homemade ice cream (coffee this time) which is equally as delicious as the vanilla (already long gone). At this rate, our surplus milk will be gone in no time but we might have surplus flab to make up for it.

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