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Tuesday, June 17 2014

June 17th, 2014

Life and death happen in rapid-fire succession on a farm. After the arrival of one calf and six chicks on Sunday, I went out to check on the animals this morning and stumbled upon a dead hen. There weren’t any signs of an attack so my best guess is that she died of old age. While we were cleaning out all of the unhatched eggs, we saw movement and thought it might be a snake or some other terrifying creature. Instead, it was another chick that didn’t look very good. Megan and I put him with the healthy babies but neither he nor the chick we found yesterday survived the day.

With a high of 97, today was not the day to be outside for very long. But we didn’t pay attention. Megan, Beth, and I worked in the garden for approximately six hours weeding, pruning, debugging, harvesting, and spraying. Our sweat probably helped water the plants we were so drenched.

The men of Woodcrest helped till the garden and install the post for the Woodcrest Lane sign at East. They navigated around a poison ivy patch and will head back soon to attach the top of the sign. Joe also did a spectacular job of cleaning and organizing the barn kitchen; it took me a while to find the egg cartons because they were no longer haphazardly tossed under the table. After dinner we recovered from our heatstroke with a miracle cure: large bowls of vanilla ice cream.


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