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Monday, June 16 2014

June 16th, 2014

We had a full house today with Ryan’s arrival as well as our visitor Randi, who is trying to decide if she wants to WWOOF here in August. Everyone headed to East where we hilled potatoes, weeded, and pruned and trellised tomatoes. By the end of the afternoon we were more than ready to head home into the air conditioning.

Brambleberry, our new calf, took the bottle right away when Megan and I first fed her this morning. She didn’t need any more coaxing after the first few seconds we stuck it in her mouth. We found another chick this morning but he was so weak he probably won’t make it, even though we tried to drip some water down his throat. Grandma started teaching her sewing class today and we tried to muddle through without her but it was a struggle. Who else knows how much to prune the tomatoes and where to find the chicken feed?

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