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Tuesday, June 10 2014

June 10th, 2014

Beth and I began our morning making rabbit tea. No, you do not want to drink it but your plants do. This mixture of rabbit manure and water makes terrific fertilizer. Rabbit droppings are one of the only manures that are not “hot,” meaning that unlike chicken, cow, and horse manure, you can apply it to the soil right away. Chicken manure has so much nitrogen that it will burn the plants if you place it in

 the soil without letting it rot for a season.

We also waged open war against the squash and potato bugs at East, a tedious job that requires a strong back and an observant eye. But we emerged victorious and the veggies are safe for another day. Back at the farm, Joe finished scooping out the pigeon palace and mended the garden fence and Grandpa and Dillan made progress on the WWOOFHouse.

Thankfully, we finally got rain last night (nothing puts you to sleep like the sound of rain on a tin roof) but today was in the 90s which made outside work at midday miserable. The animals still seemed pretty perky; I don’t know how they do it. For dinner, Grandma made the most delicious roasted chicken raised in the Woodcrest pasture. We had more squash from the garden (picture to the left) which is thriving now that it’s properly watered. Food definitely tastes better when you can look out the window and see its old stomping grounds.


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