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Friday, June 6 2014

June 6th, 2014

Once the aviary was moved onto the Woodcrest lawn, Dillan and Grandpa used the tractor and a little ingenuity to move the thing on top of cinder blocks next to the current pigeon cage. Thank goodness no one lost life or limb in the process. Now it just needs to be cleaned and painted and the pigeons can move into their new birdy mansion.

Continuing his farm cleaning and organizing spree, Joe cleared out all the dog kennels and they look brand new. Amber began Grandma’s version of obedience school this afternoon since she’s been a wild thing lately. Hopefully she’ll be able to remember who’s boss instead of pouting in her kennel space like she did after being put on a leash this afternoon.

We’re down a little in milk production at the moment because Heidi was dried up in preparation for her new calf and Tyra has mastitis in one teat. Heidi also scraped Bonnie’s side with her horn, resulting in a cut several inches long that had to be doctored up. Maybe she’s in a bad mood before giving birth, or maybe she’s showing her ornery side, but Heidi has had some attitude. Who knows? It could just be the warm weather putting everyone into a funk. When the vet comes on Monday, we’ll ask him about taking off part of her horns so she can’t terrorize her sisters.

This evening we had a farewell dinner for our WWOOFer Alice, who is heading back to Italy tomorrow afternoon. We naturally took her to an Italian restaurant, which everyone enjoyed. Ciao, Alice!

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