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Monday, Jan. 17, 2011

January 17th, 2011

A week has passed since the last post and much has happened in the last week. The household has “officially” added a new member, Dillon, a friend of grandson Chris, who needs a family and a place to live for the time being. Dillon has been staying on a day-to-day basis, but we have decided to admit the obvious and let him have some stability for a few months. Projects have been moving along as well.

This is a view of the reinforced barn roof, a prerequisite for the solar panel installation. The job is finished except for restoring all the wiring and closing up the boxes, etc.
We also had two lambs born last week, conveniently, the night after we managed to round the sheep up and get them penned. I am astounded that we (a) managed to get the sheep penned (b) the lambs were dropped inside under cover instead of out in the wettest, muddiest part of the pasture in the middle of an ice storm and subsequently eaten by predators or harassed by our mule.
Farm-related problems that have had to be solved this week are: firewood – we’re running low, and the barn water supply quit Saturday night sometime. Turned out to be a blown fuse, but I am suspicious that that was just a symptom. Pete says the expansion tank is waterlogged and needs to be drained, which we’ll tackle this week.

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