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Saturday, May 31 2014

May 31st, 2014

Farm life is a lot like jazz; it has a rhythm, but the music veers off course just when you settled back in your seat. Today was fairly low-key: basic farm chores were carried out but there weren’t any big projects to work on. I did get a lesson in rabbit doctoring when Grandma gave several of the mangy rabbits shots to (hopefully) clear up their illness. You stick the needle above their back legs where there’s plenty of muscle. Although the bucks are more difficult to do since they have a thicker hide, they barely flinched. Sadly, we had to cull a few of the sick bunnies and they will soon be made into rabbit stew. Life and death revolve in an unending cycle at Woodcrest.

Joe and Grandpa revamped the watering system for the chickens; Beth worked hard in the garden; and Grandma helped breed dogs, sold onions, labeled milk, assisted customers, healed, culled, and skinned rabbits, and still managed to find time for choir practice at six. Tomorrow our new intern from Taylor University, Megan Klayum, joins in the craziness.


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