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Wednesday, Feb. 5th

February 5th, 2014

If you decide to become a farmer, better brush up on general repairs. In the last several days I have had to fix the barn kitchen faucet (broke from being frozen), the house well pump (intake 1″ pipe froze and broke), the tractor – 3 times: replace battery, extract broken key from ignition, and today, fix starter wire (with Steve’s help) after towing tractor back from Charles’ barn. Also today, the left rear tire on the equipment trailer lost a wheel bearing and it is now out of commission until I can replace the brake drum and bearing assembly.

Work around the farm is getting done as best we can with the rain and cold temps we have had.  We keep the fires burning and the animals fed.

One measure of progress is that on Monday our Woodcrest East neighbor signed the easement giving him 5 years to move his mobile units.

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