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Jan. 6-7th, 2011

January 8th, 2011

This will have to be a combined post for Thursday and Friday. Thursday was a red-letter day around here. The milking parlor is nearing completion and we had both Red and Carny come in, use the stanchion, get a little grain, and walk out. Only the lights and some fixtures need to be completed. Also, Dewey received an acceptance letter from Carolina for the Fall 2011 term! Congratulations Dewey! There is lots yet to be accomplished on the road to graduation, but any great accomplishment is a comprised of a series of small steps, and this is an important milestone. But in a surfeit of blessings, we finally gave up on the idea of finding a cheap replacement for Dewey’s Saturn, and with Steve W.’s encouragement, decided to try to fix it with a used engine. I found one at a local junkyard, bought it, and Steve, Dewey, and Christopher worked until 12:30AM this morning to install it, and Dewey drove it home. A miracle. Let’s hope it lasts.

Work on reinforcing the barn for the solar installation is moving along slowly but inexorably. It should be finished early next week and I can start installing panels. It is quite a project.

No progress on the chicken palace other than to buy tin roofing for the 1st cage yesterday, but it is almost ready for that.

Moving forward to Friday, Christopher finished mulching and spreading manure on the garden. It smells, ahem, wonderful! So pungent! So nutritious! It ought to grow stuff like mad.

Among my accomplishments: Install step-rungs in the elf-tree so that little elves can climb to the top for a look around. I also fixed the starter cord for the wood splitter so that it can be started. Also spent untold hours working on books, letters, etc. Chris is hard at work getting seeds started for the various gardens. That’s it.

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