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Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012

December 12th, 2012

I missed out on most of the fun activities of the day, having a medical appointment in the morning, and a banking trip in the afternoon. In between, I spent my time at the computer, hopefully productively, and nursed symptoms suspiciously like a cold, although we all know that my being sick is impossible. Fortunately, Julia and Conrad rescued the day from being wasted. They finished the second paddock divider in the pasture, and installed all the west-side splice channels on the hoop house. Next, they got the east toe-board attached, so we are moving along pretty well there.
Other than that, the cows got more hay, the chickens got fed, and in general we made the best of a cold rainy day.
On the down side, Chris had a fall and hit her noggin on the bookcase in the office, raising a lump that will be painful for days. She is shaken up, but at this point not injured severely, thank God. We had rotisserie chicken for dinner to save her from having to cook. We are going to turn in early and recuperate.

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