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Wednesday, Nov. 21st – Thursday, Nov. 22d.

November 22nd, 2012

Woodcrest Thanksgiving
Yesterday and today have been all about family and friends, with very little farming getting done. We milked our Jersey Girls and Swiss Misses, and made one trip to the feed and grocery stores, but that is about all. By dinner time Dan and Liza, Ben and Julie, David’s family, Tim’s family, and the Ollers were all here.
Part of the afternoon was spent rehearsing music for our Thanksgiving church service, which turned out better than I expected, at least. All in all, a satisfying day.
Today we got up early to milk and found Julia and Conrad already at it, even though she was supposed to be off, bless her heart. The morning was spent eating breakfast, then lunch, then snacking, and in due time Sherill and Don, Heather, Drake and Jordan, Mel and Joshua, Stacie, John, Collin, and Reed, Amy, Cameron, Kinsley, and Selah, and Melissa arrived. The Bryants, Tim, Jaimie, the twins, and Patti Siedel, George, and Charlie rounded us out at about 55 people for dinner. We were, and are, a grateful family.

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