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Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2012

November 21st, 2012

Today started, as all days here do, with milking BUT it was handled completely by Conrad and Julia. They have decided to start at 7:00 instead of the more civilized hour of 8:00AM, so all of you planning to visit us to see the milking get done should plan to be here at 7:00…. After breakfast, Charlie and George decided to tackle the leaves in the front yard. Owing to the scarcity of trees, and hence, leaves in jolly old England, they were a little overwhelmed at not being able to see the actual ground so raked all the leaves (yea!) and moved them to the garden for composting. Conrad worked on the fence-line and Julia was working with the garden. I ran errands in the morning and made a maintenance trip to BREEZE in the afternoon to shutdown the irrigation system and sundry items. We were milking when the Oller’s showed up (double yea!) and we all finished up in short order, segueing to a fried-chicken dinner with all hands. Busy day at the farm, it was.

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