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Sunday Men

January 18th, 2009

I got the boys up early to attend the newly-established mens’ Sunday breakfast which our pastor and deacons hope will become a regular event.  We ate, practiced some hymns we were going to sing, and had good fellowship before departing for regular Sunday School classes and choir practice.  The service was quite moving.  A large congregation and we had a Baptist Men’s speaker.
Katherine came in to report a ewe down in the lower pasture.  Investigating, it looked like the ewe was in labor or in some other trouble so KC and I got her moved into a stall – a traumatic and exhausting trip for her, but necessary.  I fed her some grain and we’ll see what she does tomorrow.

Dewey drove over to see Lindsey, and made it safely.  I hope we’re not taking too many chances with his driving.

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