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Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009

November 21st, 2009

It was a busy day here at the farm.   Chris and I were up earlier than we wanted to be to set up for pressure washing turkey containers and get ready for her canning class at 12:00.  A bunch of Duke Farmhands showed up to help at 9:00, and after some anxious moments with the pressure washer, got that job underway.  I had to excuse myself from all the fun and head out for choir rehearsal at 10:00 and by the time I got back, the canning class was in full swing.  I spent the afternoon in preparation for my brother’s visit, and when he and Diane arrived at 5:00 we were pretty much ready. 
I did get some good news from Richard at Acre Station. Our sausage has been found safe and sound in Virginia at another small farm. They are willing to overnight them to us on Monday. With luck, we will have sausage to sell Tuesday afternoon at the LSRC along with hams, turkeys, etc. I know Richard is relieved.
Not much else to report, except that it was a confirmation of our feeling that it is time for Woodcrest Farm School to get rolling.

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