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Tuesday, Nov. 5th – Wednesday,. Nov. 6th

November 7th, 2012

Yesterday was dominated entirely by the elections for Chris, who was at the pols from 6am to 8:30pm. Fortunately, Ryan, Tonya, and Wilson showed up to help milk, and even though pulsator#2 was still acting up, we had enough people to get the job done. After that, Wilson and I headed for Breeze to meet with the electrician who is going to install the service at 11:00, and with that done, we changed hats to become the lunch suppliers for the Orange Grove precinct. I voted, and headed back to the farm and Wilson and I cut lumber for the pump house siding. Then I headed for Mebane – Southern States to restock goat feed, got back tot he farm about 5:30 to milk. That’s when things went downhill rapidly. I couldn’t find the (barely) working pulsator #2. In the morning, I had put it in my pocket to carry to the house to keep it warm, and now I couldn’t find it anyplace. I spent an hour looking for it, and finally in desperation took another shot at getting #1 to work – and thank God! it did. So, we milked with #1, but still couldn’t find #2. At 8:30 I went back to the polls to help Chris wrap things up, and we spent a quiet evening intermittently watching TV and election coverage.
This morning it was just Chris and I milking and when I fed the wood stove I found the pulsator. On the way into the house Tuesday AM I had checked the fire, set the pulsator down to load the stove, and left it there. Arrrrrgg! Well, its found. From 12:00 to 3:30, I was out at Breeze putting the roof on the pump house, and then feeding out cows and chickens. Then the church supper at 6:00, the PARC meeting from 6:30 – 8:30pm, and finally a few minutes to catch up correspondence. Busy day..

Evening milking

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