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Firday, Nov. 2d – Saturday, Nov. 3d

November 3rd, 2012

I was unable to make an entry last night because I was off in the wilds with the Pioneers, camping out at Rolling View Campground at Falls Lake State Park. Most of Friday was spent (after milking, of course) getting packed up for the event. I was responsible for food, stoves, kitchen ware, and other sundries, and I was going crazy trying to find all the stuff I had previously provisioned and put in a safe place. But, I finally did get out the door, a little late, of course, with Mykah and Jaryn on our way to the park, and I was late getting there too. Getting lost for about 15 minutes didn’t help, but when we finally arrived, members of the group were already there and we got right in, got transported to the trailhead for our hike, and then started back tot he campground. It was somewhat farther than I had read on the map, and by the time we arrived around 5:15 the kids were in slo-mo. But we did it. We proceeded quickly to setting all the tents up and making dinner (all dried trail foods) and clean-up. We had a nice campfire, hot cocoa, and desert, told stories, and everybody went to bed and tried not to freeze to death. This morning we ate breakfast, packed up, and went home.
The only “farming” I did the rest of the day was to fix a rabbit box for Chris – evidently one of the does is due. Ryan planted a bunch of garlic yesterday, and I guess we had a lot of CSA boxes go out, plus other sales, so Chris was busy doing that. That’s it for today.

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