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Wednesday, 10/31 – Thursday, 11/1/2012

November 1st, 2012

Other than milking on our normal schedule, yesterday and today were mainly concerned with building the pumphouse for the Breeze West project. I was hoping to transport it out to the site, but ran out of time and materials. Breeze West Pumphouse - Framed out
My priorities for today were to, above all, get Miriam’s mouse to the post and on its way. I thought I could just calculate the postage, use the online postage tool, and stick it in the box, but for international packages, it has to be done at the post office. So its done. I also had to make a farm deposit and buy the lumber to finish the project. Done and Done.
Chris was busy yesterday and today with her election training, little girls, and maintenance, and cooking good dinners. Meat sales seem to be picking up. Chickens seem to be healthy too, prompting a reconsideration of our plan to cull the whole flock. I’m glad she will be making that decision.

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