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Saturday, Oct. 27, 2012

October 28th, 2012

Our weekend days start out like every other day with morning milking, but seem less pressured – almost a vacation. I held Open Forge this morning and had 3 students. Chase, Joe, and Michael. Joe’s dad Scott and Ryan assisted and we had a good session. The kids made hooks, mostly, and did very well and seemed proud of themselves.
After the kids left, Ryan and I continued to work with personal projects. I finished up a spoon I had begun at the fair, worked on a new concept for a forged dragon’s head, and most importantly, finished Miriam’s little mouse. I was going to send her one I made last week, but its tail was unbalanced and I wasn’t completely happy with it, so I made a new one. Miriam's Mouse

Ryan decided to forge the family name in steel letters, and the result was quite good considering he had about 10 minutes of instruction.

About 5pm Tonya came out to remind me that the hot water pressure needed attention. My suspicion was that the domestic hot water coil in the woodstove was probably corroded and clogged, and since I don’t have a replacement, I used a workaround to bypass the coil, and sure enough, pressure is better. We still have some anomalies with the water pressure, but I’ll tackle that some other day.
Dinner was a wonderful gift provided by Diane and Tonya. Diane brought over chicken pot pie and butternut squash soup. Tonya made a pumpkin pie from scratch, remarkable young woman. Everything was delicious and much appreciated. I include this last to offset the feelings some readers may have of “these poor people – do they ever have a day when everything goes right?” Well, today was pretty close.

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