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Tuesday, Oct. 23d, 2012

October 24th, 2012

The Ecstasy and the Agony of farming! Today we started out with a long list of items to fix, calls to make, and projects to move along, but the day was re-programmed when Ryan, who was fixing loose boards on the garden fence, heard a THUMP behind him, and when he turned around there was a brand new calf on the ground. Never having seen (or heard) this before, he was a little excited and ran up to get Chris who took charge, had Ryan bring the calf up to the barn, had me milk colostrum to feed it, and get the little Jer-Dex heifer started along the right path. Since it was Tuesday (sewing day) there were lots of little girls around the farm and they were delighted. Then Michelle, Kristen, and Chase Lewis showed up, so we had quite a receiving party for the new arrival. Little Dexey
We all spent time in the garden – Tonya and Ryan were cultivating, and Chase and I were lifting mulch and taking out the Okra. Chase on the DeereI have found a use for one of our old plows: by pulling it with the tractor instead of a team of horses I found I could nicely lift one edge of the mulch and then pull out the other edge. With a number of rows up at Breeze yet to do, I’m kind of excited.
The agony came late in the afternoon when chickens started dieing. Within the space of about an hour, we found 4 dead chickens with more sick and seemingly not long for this world. It was really discouraging, and with her love for chickens, particularly hard on Kristen. We called the vet, the state lab, and the word was “get the sick or dean birds to the lab and put tetracycline in the water”. So, we did, but we also know that we could lose the whole flock. Tomorrow we will take the specimens to the lab for necropsy to find out for sure.
Lastly, Ryan and I bought most of the supplies to finish Breeze West – Phase 1. We have to re-group a little tomorrow, but hope to get something done there as well.

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