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Wednesday, Oct. 17th, 2012

October 17th, 2012

It was a busy day, but thank God, there were no deadlines hanging over us. We had a little “red alert” during milking because Dottie seemed listless and off her feed, and milk was a little lumpy. I hand-milked her just for safety’s sake, and then milked her again at 6:00, and she seemed fine. Ryan had a dental emergency and got an appointment with Dr. Davis in Hillsborough this morning, so Tonya had to take over as my helper getting round bales from Charles’ barn. We were in the process of putting them all away when Ryan got back and we finished the job.
After lunch Tonya worked in the garden while Ryan and I started on the hoop house footprint. We pulled up the old grape arbor posts, dug up all the debris in the intended perimeter, and then Ryan tilled up the whole area. Tomorrow we will try to get our corner posts located. Dinner was delicious beef burgers and potato/sage hash.
A long day, but productive.

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