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Saturday -> Thursday, July 18-23, 2009

July 23rd, 2009

The Bell family, which by extension includes the Green family, has been vacationing at Ocean City, NJ this week, leaving the farm in the hands of Gretchen, Dewey, and Nancy on market days.  We were therefore blissfully unaware of the daily ups and downs of farm life until Tuesday when our Breeze irrigation stand-ins called to say that our tomato plants were on the ground because the stakes have broken.  This is discouraging since I bought a bunch of new, supposedly sturdy stakes this year, and also because the tomatoes won’t grow too well being on the ground.  Gretchen called last night to confirm this – problem may be worse than I thought.   I made some calls to steel suppliers and am going to try 5/8″ rebar stakes which hopefully Christopher will pick up later today and we will use Saturday.

Other than that, no particular good – or bad – news from home front.

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