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Wednesday July 15, 2009

July 15th, 2009

Started the day with a lot to get done before heading to Asheville, but then Gretchen came in to tell me that two calves were through the fence by the pond, which makes sense because that part of the fence has been off since Christopher discovered a short.  All I could think of was that if we left with the fence compromised I would surely get a call from Animal Control telling me that my cows were on the road again.  So, I went out and worked away at finding and fixing any problems, of which there were three, the worst being a dead short that Christopher had inadvertently created.  Once fixed, the fence had 5K volts all around, which ought to keep cows in.

At noon I quit and we got ready to leave for Asheville to see Ben’s shows before they closed.  It was an uneventful trip except for getting pulled for having an expired tag. Damn.  We arrived around 4:00 and then went to the Grove Inn Gallery to see his music table.  It is a beautiful piece.  We had dinner at the Outback, got to bed early at the Sheratin, courtesy of Ben’s employment there.

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