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Thursday, Oct. 4th, 2012

October 4th, 2012

Chris and I were up early: me to milk, and her to get the baby chicks at the post-office, announced by a 7:00 call that woke us up. I had just finished milking and was trying to get a few minutes for breakfast when Chris came in to announce that the horses had breached the chicken feeder and consumed all the feed. I ran down and moved them into the big pasture, but I’m afraid some of my annoyance leaked out verbally. Tucked around my bagel at last, there was some last-minute prep before the pioneers showed up, this week to make shelters out of some tarps and ropes I bought. Amazingly, they worked, and the kids all got a shelter of sorts up and standing. They seemed like a good place to eat lunch, so that’s what most of the kids did and I think were happy about it. At 1:00 we got a call from Matkins telling us to come pick up the pork, so off I went, arriving there about 2:30, loaded the pork, stopped at Southern States for goat feed, got home, unloaded all the pork into the freezer, cleaned out stalls until 6:00 when Noah and I finished up milking, gratefully accepted Diane’s invitation for dinner, and wound down by doing some correspondence, watching TV, and this.

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