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Tuesday, Oct. 2d, 2012

October 2nd, 2012

I got down to the barn this morning to find a new volunteer, Wilson S. already here. She has decided she would like to help out on Tuesdays and Saturdays, which will be great. She was a real help today, and hopefully had a good time.
It was raining again, so tilling and mowing at Breeze had to be post-poned until we have drier conditions. But, we kept busy by cleaning the barn for the Fall Festival on Saturday.
I had to go into Hillsborough to buy some supplies, deliver diesel to Breeze, and meet with our county commissioner. It was, I hope, time usefully spent for her; I know it was for me. Back at the ranch, Wilson, Annie, and I continued our barn cleanup until milking time.
Annie has decided that living here as our intern won’t allow her the time she needs with her family, and given her circumstances we can understand this perfectly. Today was her last day, and we wish her well. But we will miss her too.
Chris had a very hard day with her classes. “Little Girls, Little Girls, ” – some days they are too antsy and whiny to be a blessing.

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