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Monday, Oct. 1st, 2012

October 1st, 2012

We were up early to get milking out of the way by 9:00 because I had to be at Emerson-Waldorf by 9:30 for the second day of blacksmith classes. I had only a moment to say “good-bye” to Miriam, far too little time to tell her how much her stay has meant to us. For today’s blacksmith classes, I continued with the G-clef chime that I had the kids making on Friday, and it seemed to work really well for these classes too. They all got a chance to crank the blower and do at least one operation in making the piece, so everybody went home happy. Even the 1st graders finished their St. George chime (I’m calling it) and were ringing it proudly.
Back at the farm, Chris and Annie had been working cleaning up the barn and rescuing sweet potatoes (I think). We did the evening milking, and I am wrapping up paperwork.
But, Miriam is missing from our evening, and our home. She was not there to feed the calves. She was not at dinner, and the tea suddenly does not taste as good. This is strange because when I made it under her supervision, it was just fine. But no more. Annie advanced the idea that it has something to do with Miriam’s aura, and that seems very plausible at the moment. I suppose we will get used to that part of it in time, but she will never be missing from our hearts and memories.

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