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Thursday, Dec. 29th 2017

December 29th, 2017

Today at Woodcrest started like most days – a bunch of cows to milk, and we got right to it before we froze to death.  The weather took a dip into the freezer so it motivated us to get the chores done quickly.  Once chores and breakfast were done, Jason and I tackled the abandoned cars at East.  The Nissan was still loaded from yesterday’s futile trip to the transmission shop (my confusion, I guess) so all we had to do was get a new battery for it and transport it.  That done, we managed to load the Blazer onto the trailer, find a scrap yard, transport it, and unload it.  Easier said than done, but both vehicles are off the premises.  Now I just have to resolve the Nissan repair, title, and disposition, but at least its underway.

After milking tonight, Jas, Susanne, Chris, and I went to dinner at Applebees.  Food OK, not great, but a nice relaxing time with people we love.  And that’s the word from Woodcrest.

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