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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December 19th, 2017

It was  kind of an exciting Tuesday here at Woodcrest.  I was still arranging for coffee in the house when Kent walked in to ask when  Lulu had calved.  I thought he was confused – Freddie had a calf on Saturday, and I thought he was talking about her.  But he was right – Lulu had a little heifer early this morning.   New calves mean several days of swollen udders, collecting colostrum, antsy cows, and frequent milkings.  We are into it in spades.   Freddie’s udder is so swollen she resists milking (read: tries to kick the milker, me), but her only relief is to get milked, completely, at least twice a day.  Oh and yes, we separate the calves from their moms as early as possible.  As heartless as this sounds, its much better for both cow and calf if we are making sure the cow gets milked completely, and the calf gets a full ration.  Less chance for mastitis, infections, and uneven nursing, less chance for the calf to get attached to the mom and resist learning to use a bottle, and bottle-fed calves are much friendlier their whole lives.  But it makes for a long day.

Other doings: Dan spent time in the forge, Grandma and Willa made cookies, and I was getting an evaluation for cataract surgery in January.  So, a busy, good day.

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