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Monday, Aug. 31, 2015

August 31st, 2015

On this last day of August, we started milking at 8:00 as usual, with Darci in the kitchen and me (Allan) with our 5 lady cows.  Heidi will be on maternity leave starting today.  She is officially due in 2 weeks, but may already be producing colostrum, which may mean that she is farther along than we thought.  So, she is out of the line-up.  Fortunately, Tyra, Sunshine, and Starshine are holding the fort, and Fiona will be back to work soon.

We held a planning meeting this morning – there is sure a lot to do!  It rained last night, and was still spritzing today.  In general, Darci spent her day doing chores around home, and the rest of us worked up at East picking up rocks and harrowing the west pasture in preparation for seeding tomorrow.  We have about 1/2 done, and will probably try to get that much seeded while the ground is still a little wet.

That’s mainly the story for Woodcrest Farm today.

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