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Thursday, Aug. 27, 2015

August 27th, 2015

Darci and I zipped through morning milking this AM helped by JoEtta (Brett’s Mom) and Jaryn until school intervened.  Uneventful, which we are always happy about, except that Jaryn forgot that cows are large and oblivious to what they might be stepping on, and Starshine tromped on  her foot.  Unfortunately she wasn’t wearing her steel-toed sandals, but thankfully she wasn’t injured – just a little bruised in foot and spirit, mostly that Starshine could be so inconsiderate when she (Jaryn) had been very faithful to keeping tasty grain in her feed dish.

The rest of the day was a mixture of chores and projects for everyone.  Chris and the livestock team closed in on our reseeding plan, to wit: we are going to pick up rocks in the west pasture, then move the cows back to the east pasture, harrow and seed the west pasture it with our millet, then confine the cows to the sacrifice area and do the same thing to the east pasture.  I think.  This afternoon Chris, Darci, and I started the pick-up and got quite a bit done.  We had both tractors on the job, the JD for for sticks and Big Orange for rocks.  Chris got her tractor badge renewed.

There is probably a lot more to record, but its time for bed, so that’s today at Woodcrest Farm.

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