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Tuesday, Aug. 25th, 2015

August 25th, 2015

Progress was made today on several fronts.   Milking was uneventful and pretty quick due to Jaryn’s great help before she had to start school.  Darci and I were out of there by 9:30.  We (at least, I) ate a leisurely breakfast and headed for the office, only to find that our broadband connection was down.  Good old AT&T – when I called in the problem, the only information I could get was that it was going to be fixed within 24 hours, helping neither David or Brett, both of whom had work-at-home to do.  David bailed out and went to his office; Brett decided to do something else, namely get his Metro in somebody’s queue to be fixed.  Casey couldn’t work on the website so she helped Stephen in the barn and at East; I worked on offline stuff in the office for awhile and then tackled the seeder again.  With one thing and another we all kept pretty busy.  The Metro is at Sturdivant’s for diagnosis and – hopefully – repair; the seeder is working, although it still needs some “tweaking”; the pond area got mowed and cleaned up; the fence at East got tightened and debrided; Chris sold a puppy; Beth smoked a chicken and some bacon; and when the our broadband connection was restored everybody cheered.  That’s pretty much it for  Woodcrest Farm today.

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