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Friday, Aug. 20th, 2015

August 21st, 2015

We were all up early this morning to load goats for the auction at Siler City.  Last night Darci had penned up the candidates and I had the trailer ready to go, so this morning around 8:00 AM we loaded 7 of them into the little trailer and Jaryn and I set off for the auction.

We arrived around 8:45 and got our 7 unloaded, tagged, and ready to sell, then went for breakfast at the Stockyard restaurant.  After that we wandered around the stockyard walkways for an hour  seeing all the livestock for sale, and around 10 went into the auction auditorium to wait for it to start.  My plan, BTW, had been to drop the goats off and come home, but Jaryn wanted to see the actual auction, and I’m glad we did.  The sale got underway around 11 with a group of about 30 goats – none of them ours –  which took about 45 minutes to auction.  The prices were very good, and I’m hoping ours did as well.  Our goats came in with the second group around noon, and we were able to stay long enough to see two sold at good prices.  Jaryn had an afternoon activity that we had to get back for.

The most interesting(!) thing that happened this afternoon was that the oil drain plug fell out of the John Deere while Stephen was bushhogging up at East and 12 quarts of oil drained out.  He didn’t know it until the oil light came on and the tractor quit.  I went up with Big Orange to tow him home, and against all odds, found the plug in the long grass where the first spill had occurred.  I bought oil for it, and will refill it tomorrow, and am just praying that it quit because it knew it should, not because it seized up.

Beth is still pickling things.  Brett wired some outlets in the barn in their “living room”.  Stephen was bushhogging.  I was fixing things.  Keegan was – well, I don’t know.  Chris was making calls and lining up a gym membership.  But we were all busy.  I’m tired.  It has been a long day here at Woodcrest Farm.

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