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Wednesday, Aug. 19th, 2015

August 19th, 2015

Morning broke today with milking as usual, with Jaryn and myself in the parlor and Darci doing the bottling.  The cows are settling down a little, particularly since we are keeping Old Ranger down in the south pasture while the ladies come up to be milked.  He is not very happy with that, but tough.  New mothers deserve at least 6 weeks off.   Sunshine emerged from quarantine, passing her mastitis test with flying colors, or more accurately, no significant color from the CMT  (California mastitis test).  That’s a relief – she has had a life-long problem with that particular quarter and it always is a worry.  Tyra is still producing some colostrum which her baby is getting 2d hand via Darci, but she should be back online in the next few days.  Bottom line:  we will have A LOT of surplus milk.  There is going to be a lot of cheese and yogurt getting made.

The rest of the day had its share of problems, but no disasters that we know of.  The Deaton’s new Geo Metro got cranky and quit on the way to town, and I don’t know if Brett has trouble-shot(?) the problem.  Yet to come.  We got a feed order.  We had a calf escape up at Woodcrest East, so I energized the bottom wire – we’ll try that for a few days.   A tip for non-farmers:  typically,  the bottom wire doesn’t need to be energized because at 10 inches off the ground, nothing important is going to go under it, and it is most susceptible to shorts from weeds.  But this little calf had evidently discovered it wasn’t hot, and was popping himself right under.   At least I’ve given him something to think about.

Beth is pickling everything in sight.  We are going to have Okra, tomatoes, and cucumber pickles of various varieties.  I love pickles.

Great dinner tonight – some sort of ground-beef stroganoff, courtesy of Darci and Brett.  And that’s today at Woodcrest Farm.


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