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Tuesday, Aug. 18th, 2015

August 18th, 2015

It was a lo-o-o-n-g day today at Woodcrest.   We started milking, as usual, around 8:00 AM, with Heidi, Fiona, and Starshine in and out in short order.  Next up: Sunshine, complicated by the fact that she is still in our “maternity ward” due to her mastitis treatment and also our bull’s amorous and relentless attentions due to her recent delivery.  Darci brought her ove r (accompanied closely by a randy Ranger) but there were no real problems.  Sunshine in and out, with the only complication being using a dedicated pail and the quarter-milker.  Exit Sunshine.   Then Darci invited Tyra to keep her appointment with the Milkman.  Tyra decided instead to join her colleagues in the lower pasture.  Rounding up Tyra took young, agile, and speedy Brett and Keegan and old and slow yours truly to get her back up top to Darci and a bucket of food.  Even then, she was distracted by her calf in the barn stall and took a lot of convincing to come into the parlor.  Once milked, I let her out expecting to lead her back to the maternity ward with a lead rope and she took me on a Nantucket sleigh ride up and down the pasture.  Well, to make a long story short, we finally got her back where she belonged.

All was quiet until afternoon milking.  This time we were better prepared, but Tyra was not much happier – just had less options.  We were all glad of the delicious supper Chris cooked, and had a good evening.

I spent a lot of the afternoon trouble-shooting our milking machine pump.  It has been losing vacuum, but after a call to the mfg. I serviced it and it seemed to work better tonight.

Darci and Brett made progress with their transportation needs: they found a little Geo Metro that should be pretty economical for Brett’s trips back and forth to NCSU this fall.  It will be better than a motorcycle.

Other things got done, but mostly pretty much the standard chore list.  That’s the day here on Woodcrest Farm!

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