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Monday, Aug. 17th, 2015

August 17th, 2015

As usual, it was a busy AND eventful day at the farm.  First, some background info since my last post (much too long ago, I know).  Chris and I went to the Maryland shore from July 24 – Aug. 3d, so not much got noted in our absence.  We have had some personnel changes:  Darci and Brett Deaton arrived on August 2d, Darci to assume livestock intern duties, and Brett to keep Darci happy.  Brett is working this year at NCSU while Darci tends cows, goats, etc.  Casey King has come aboard to assume Marketing and Comm. intern duties, a position that we hope will become permanent.  When I mention them in future posts, they will not be strangers.

It was a busy weekend – we have beef again, not a lot, but it was selling well.  I had 3 for my blacksmithing class, and many other visitors.  Today we got started on milking, with Sunshine still recovering from post-partum mastitis.  We are reserving her milk, so we don’t have a lot of surplus.  At 11 Chris, Casey, and I met with the OC Ag Econ. Devl agent to discuss our WIP application for an Ag Econ.  Devl.  grant.   Darci and Brett spent all afternoon with the NC DMV (Ouch!), while I made calls, and so forth until about 3:3o when multiple balloons went up.  Beth called from East to tell me that cows out of hay, were outside the fence and the fence was off; Keegan came in with the news that the freezer alarm was going off; and time was getting short to get to the bank.  Keegan and took a quick look at the freezer, enough to realize that the problem was probably transient, and he headed back to East along with Stephen to round up cows.  By the time I arrived with the tractor, the escapees were back inside, so I fed them, fixed the charging problem, and came back home to get to the bank.  So, everything ended well, and in the midst of all this, Tyra had her calf, making the second one delivered this week.  We haven’t had time to get the calf into the barn yet, so it will be one of our challenges tomorrow.

Whew!  This is not an atypical day, just sort of a normal Woodcrest Farm today.


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