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Monday, July 6th, 2015

July 6th, 2015

Today on the farm was, for me, pretty much milking and then drowned in the office.  Others had more fun.  After chores, Syd, Stephen, and Noah worked on pasture maintenance (mostly bush-hogging) and snake wrangling.  That’s right folks.   Stephen arrested a black racer (like a common black snake except that it is thinner and faster) in the barn and was preparing to dispatch it, when Syd – evidently opposed to capital punishment even for snakes – intervened and ran madly down to the woods to release it.  At that point Chris – who has no love for chick and baby rabbit eating snakes – convinced Syd to bring the snake to justice, and it was summarily executed by machete and thrown to the hogs.  This place is better than Blue Bloods.

Meanwhile,  I had been in conference with the Duke Engineer about the new power line easements at East.   Apparently we are going to be applying for a building permit sooner than we thought.   Also, another time consuming task was submitting last year’s W2’s for the farm, which I had evidently prepared and sent out to our employees, but hadn’t actually submitted to SSA.  Busted.

Every day is exciting here at Woodcrest Farm.


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