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Thursday, June 25th, 2015

June 25th, 2015

This morning the milking team was on the job by 8:00 and pretty much did the whole thing by themselves.  I started working on fixing the bush-hog.  My plan was to weld the broken tail-wheel bracket back on and while it was up in the air, to sharpen the blades.  It didn’t work out as well as I hoped.  I have the tools to get those blades loose, but couldn’t budge them, and ran out of time to do anything.  Chris and I had an appointment to get all our immunizations for the Africa trip, and it took an unbelievable amount of time.  We got back at around 2:00.  Stephen was turning the soil bank, Syd was hunting squash bugs, Noah was mowing.  Chris and I had an interview with a marketing prospect, and about 3:00 PM our new Kubota MX5800 tractor showed up.  I spent the next hour + getting all the directions for its use.   Now would be a good time to include a picture, but that will have to wait.

Noah and Syd were on evening milking tonight, which took them awhile.   They both had a long day.  Stephen was called in for an early start, so the day wound down with everybody grateful for the rest.

Chris and I will be leaving early in the morning for New York to see new grandson Sawyer and his Mom and Dad.  We will be gone 5 days, and are grateful for the Woodcrest staff who are holding the fort.  I don’t know how many posts I’ll get done not being here, but I’ll try to update what I know.

So, for now, that’s Woodcrest Farm today.

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