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Monday, June 22d, 2015

June 22nd, 2015

This morning started bright and early for me because I had to have the trencher 🙁 back to Sun Belt Rental by 8:00AM.  Since I needed to be milking at 8:00, that meant getting the trencher back by 7:00.  Back home, Syd was already up and we got going (and got Noah going!) on milking.  She is getting pretty good at this – she just needs to be a little more authoritative when trying to get the cows out of the parlor.  She says, “OK, Fiona, time to go” and Fiona just keeps eating.  Since Syd weighs maybe 120, and Fiona weighs about 6 times that much, she’s not going to drag Fiona out before she’s ready.  The trick is to have them run out of feed about the time they are done.

After milking we ate breakfast and held our Monday meeting about what to do for the day and the week.  Stephen and Noah worked on maintenance, mostly stall cleaning ( the stalls look beautiful now) and other main farm maintenance.  I went to East to weed, along with Keegan.  Syd and Beth worked in the main garden, weeding and chasing down squash bugs.  I wish there were something organic we could spray on the plants that would kill squash bugs.  BT, Spinosad, Kaolin, Insectisidal soap – that’s about it.  Meanwhile, Chris went to town to get parts to complete the water line up at East – we’ll tackle that tomorrow.

It was pretty hot today, so those of us who spent a large part of the day in the sun appreciated our evening and a great dinner cooked by Beth.  That was our Monday here at the farm.

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