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Thursday, June 18th, 2015

June 18th, 2015

We started out the day in the milking parlor: Sydney, Keegan, and I with the cows, Noah and Chris in the kitchen.  Sydney is getting the hang of lock and load milking, but the cows have a bad case of “Jersey Flu” (probably protesting having to work in this heat) and milk production is ‘way down.  The goats are hanging in so we have some milk to sell.

After getting morning chores done we broke for breakfast and phase 2 of our day.  Stephen, Keegan and Noah worked on chicken maintenance, I was doing A/C redux on the leaking Air Conditioners, Syd and Beth were hunting squash bugs and weeding.   Having given the A/C units my best shot and not seeing any leaking for an hour or so of operation, I decided to return the window unit Chris had bought to solve the leaking problem along with the defective multi-meter.  Home Depot has been unlucky with us recently.  I picked up the insulated fence wire for the weekend trenching job, and joined Sportsplex in an attempt to keep my cardiac program moving along.  So that’s done.

We did get some rain this evening, which we badly need.  Maybe it will cool things down a little for the weekend.  That’s Woodcrest Farm today.


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