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Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

June 16th, 2015

It was a HOT day on the farm.    We started out this morning with another FREEZER EMERGENCY!!!!!!!  Noah and I were on the milking schedule so I was on my way to the barn when Beth came in to tell me that the alarm was beeping.  I wasn’t too worried because the defrost cycle is scheduled for 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM so I figured it was just the aftermath of that.  But, after checking voltages and various indicators, I had no clues.  So, what else to do than call Pete Seidel, up in the UP (pronounced You-Pee) shoveling snow off his porch.  Pete IMG_0892listened to my tale of woe and asked me “Are the fans running?”  Of course, I didn’t know, but went back out to check and found that, sure enough, they weren’t.  With that clue, I started checking voltages to the fans, and found that a  wire to one of the relays (see picture) was burnt off.  This is not good.  I fixed it, and Voila!  the freezer is operating again.   For the moment.

Noah, Keegan, and Stephen worked on fences and gates up at East.  I began trying to compact and re-burn the massive piles of stumps.   I had some partial success, but may have to accept that I just need to hire someone.

On the bright side, Sydney Rimmer arrived around dinner time to begin her WWOOFing stay with us.  She will be here at least 3 weeks, hopefully longer.  I’ll get a picture of her posted tomorrow.   That’s Woodcrest Farm for today

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