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Friday, May 1st, 2015

May 1st, 2015

Our newest blogger (Mikah) is spending her last night in the familiar “old” house her family will be vacating tomorrow to take up (temporary) residence here at the farm while their new home is being built at Woodcrest East (or “East” as it has become known in our vernacular).   So, I will try to maintain our commitment to daily updates here at Woodcrest Farm Today.  OK, so what’s the news?

We have had more rain, which refreshed the mud, which is driving us crazy, and delayed gardening – again.  I was going to finish planting the sweet corn I started yesterday, but the corn patch is just mud.  Beth was harvesting for the start of our CSA tomorrow, but most of it is out of the hoop house so the muddy garden was not too big an impact.  This afternoon, we sort of gave up and took a farm supplies trip to Country Farm and Home in Pittsboro.  We bought the millet we need to seed East, a bunch of fencing supplies to finish the east pasture cross-fencing and the west pasture exterior fence.  I also bought lumber to rebuild the well-house door frame which has been falling apart (mostly done).

On the down side, it looks like we have lost most of our pigeon flock.  This was the week we decided to let them fly, and apparently we were too trusting in their homing instincts.   They have been out over 24 hours, and its not looking good.  We’ll keep hoping.  It raises a question:  if they are homing pigeons, and this is the only home they have known, where would they go?

That’s it for Woodcrest Farm today!


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