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Tuesday, January 13th, 2015

January 13th, 2015

I’m trying to  continue catching up on the last two weeks.  It has continued to be cold and rainy, not a great time to be a farmer.   We have been working a lot on the poultry.  We put about 30 meat birds in the freezer for sale, and are trying to get the egg production up.  Last Thursday was “Vet Day” – that’s veterinary, not veterans – when Dr. Reading paid us and our dairy cows a visit.   The major tasks were to find out who is pregnant and who is not, and to treat Tyra’s overgrown hoof.  We had good news and bad news – quite a few of the herd are bred, but Penny evidently miscarried the calf she was supposed to have been carrying.   We are probably going to cull her in the next week.

Eliza is getting into the swing of things and she and Madison make a great team.   We are looking forward to some drier weather so we can make some much-needed repairs to the hog pen and get back to work at East.

Sadly, Dr. Reading’s last task was to help me send my old dog KC on home ahead of me.   KC went to sleep painlessly and I laid him to rest out in the pasture where he used to herd his livestock.

That’s a really brief fly-over of the past week or so.  More detail tomorrow.

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