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Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 2014

November 25th, 2014

I was a delinquent blogger last night, so did not report that Clay Scoggins made a service call and fixed our freezer yesterday morning.  This was the most significant thing that happened Monday, and leaves us with some decisions to make regarding our cooler.  But that’s yesterday’s news.

Today was our debut in the Thanksgiving Turkey business.  It began like most other days with 5 cows and 3 goats to milk.  The girls were all a little  muddy this morning, which makes hygiene a challenge.  I really can’t fault them much – there aren’t any dry places to take a cow nap out in the pasture.  But Madison and I got milking done, and after a quick breakfast I headed down to Bear Creek to pick up our Turkeys.   When I arrived, Roberto (the processor) was still processing, so I got a chance to see a turkey artist in action.  He did 5 turkeys in about 10 minutes – it was amazing!   Once washed and bagged, I loaded them into coolers and headed home, where Madison and I weighed and labeled them.

We had orders for 8 of the 10 I bought, and our customers  started arriving right about 1:00.  By 3, we had sold all of them.   Julia Sendor and Nancy Kelly were among our buyers and we had a nice visit with them.

Steve Griffin was on hand today to feed the rabbits, which is great because we are short-staffed.   Madison is a trooper, but has her hands full.

The Ollers arrived around 5:30 and we had a wonderful reunion and a good chili dinner.  It has been a full day, and we are looking forward to lots of visitors tomorrow.


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