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Tuesday, Nov. 20th, 2014

November 20th, 2014

This morning was c-c-cold, and I had to milk.  The first order of business was to make sure the water was still running, then to get the fire burning, then to convince the cows to come in and get milked (maybe they were anticipating those c-c-cold shells), but without a lot of fuss, that got done.  Then we did chores as usual. Tammy and Wilson started their rabbit care and feeding project this morning.  Wilson is very serious about it at this point.

After chores and admin work, Chris organized a Woodcrest East cleanup. We took tractor and truck up there, harrowed the garden, picked up debris,  and cut up some wood for the stove.  The cows at East seem to be contented.  I can see the advantage of having a decent phone camera – I always have my phone with me but its camera is lousy.  I rarely have my camera with me and a picture or two for the blog would be nice.

We’re trying to stay warm today on the farm.  Glad we’re not in upstate NY.

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