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Monday, Sept. 24, 2012

September 24th, 2012

I’m pleased to record that we have a new member of our farm family, Annie Rodriguez, a young lady wwoofer from Chatham county to the south. Annie will be with us until November, we think, and perhaps she can partially mitigate our sadness at Daren’s departure tomorrow.
After milking, we had our little meeting and planned out the day. Miriam tackled the basil, Daren and Annie assembled a new round bale feeder and put it out for the dairy cows. I worked on pulling up the remaining tomatoes, i.e., getting the stakes, wires, and mulch up so the area could be tilled which Daren did once I was done. Miriam, Daren, and Annie did some planting, but we now have a lot of space to fill in the next week.
At 3:30 the vet came to look at Genna. The diagnosis wasn’t encouraging; not terrible, but not great. Bottom line, we can return her to active production, but the rash and scabs she has on her udder are very communicable and we will have to be scrupulous about how we handle her so as not to infect the other cows. The vets recommendation is to get her out of the herd asap, and since she is a marginal producer, I agree. So, we will be taking her to the auction before too long. After dinner at Diane’s, Chris and I met with Erin to plan Gala details. Our crew is watching “The worlds fastest Indian”. 10-4.


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