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Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012

September 23rd, 2012

Surprisingly, we were not up at 6:30 with Eli and Elayna, who both slept in until 8:00. With Genna still requiring special treatment, we didn’t finish milking until 10. Chris decided that trying to take the kids to Sunday School would be a stretch, so I headed out for church alone at 11:00. Following church Chris and I headed to Tim and Jaimie’s to return their little munchkins, and Miriam went off to Bennett Place with Michelle Lewis, one of our farm friends. Bennett Place is a local civil war site and was holding a reenactment show today.

Bennet Place

Everybody got home around 4:30, and we had about an hour before milking again, after which we all went to dinner at a very nice Chinese restaurant in Chapel Hill as a Goodbye dinner for Daren, who plans on leaving Tuesday.. And that’s it! Not a lot of farming went on, but a good day nevertheless.

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