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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21st, 2014

Today’s entry has to cover two days.  Yesterday morning we had a visit from the Triangle Presbyterian School – approximately 35  five-yr olds (and assorted siblings) and their parents + teachers.  They arrived around  9:30, and we got everyone organized and touring by 10:00.  I had sent their teacher name tags that divided them into 6 groups.  Each group got a chance to see Chris milking goats;  Kelly/ Michael milking cows;  David showing pigs, image2calves, and chickens; Beth supervising sweet-potato digging and showing the garden; Emma with the rabbits, chicks, pigeons; and me in the forge. 6 groups, 6 activities, 6 20-minute time-slots.  Everyone seemed to have a great time – lots of positive feedback from parents and teachers, and smiles from the kids.

In the afternoon we went back up to WC East to set more fence posts.  Emma drove the tractor and ran the auger; Michael and David (shown in picture) were chief post setters and tampers.  Monday afternoon we were most of the way around.  That’s pretty much it for yesterday.

image6Today was another busy day. In the morning Beth and co. worked pulling sweet potato vines up and stripping off the plastic mulch and drip tape.   We’ll dig the sweets in the next few days.   For the afternoon it was back up to east to finish the fence posts.

The line shown in the picture goes all the way back to trees on the stream buffer – straight as an arrow.  Next comes insulators, wire, tensioners, and gates.   A good day’s work here at the farm.

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