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Friday, Oct. 3d, 2014

October 3rd, 2014

Today was a busy day on the farm.  Milking as usual, followed by feeding hogs, chickens, bunnies, and calves.  With the day’s chores out of the way, we turned to our “must do” project – culling chickens.  Madison identified 19 chickens that didn’t need to keep eating, so today was “transition day” for them.  The only problem was that I had Pioneers club at 2:00 so I had to leave when about 1/2 were still to do. The kids hiked around Occoneechi Mt.  for 2.5 miles, and had a good time.  When I got home, David Scales had arrived, and we decided to introduce him to farm life without delay.  We reassembled the team and finished up the rest.

We got done around 7:00, and celebrated by going out to Bandido’s.  After a good dinner, we went to home depot and bought a new washing machine to replace our broken old one.

That’s the day at Woodcrest Farm!

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