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Thursday, Oct. 2d, 2014

October 2nd, 2014

We were up and about at 8 as usual to get our “ladies” milked, hogs fed, chickens de-egged, and so forth.  Madison is getting pretty familiar with the milking parlor and should be OK flying solo next week when we are at the wedding.  I rounded out my morning  by filing our 2013 taxes, a real milestone, and a great relief.  This afternoon Madison and I stowed our feed delivery, and she had Tractor Driving 101 feeding out round bales to both dairy and beef cattle.  Next Noah and I went to buy him a suit for the wedding, getting back in time for him to get to work, and me to try to find a mattress for the bunkhouse.  Next I started cleaning up my tool room, fixed the chicken feeder where the goats had broken in, and around 6:00 welcomed Bob and Hope Carter for dinner.  After dinner, I took a trip to Durham to pick up a mattress.

Today was home-school day for Chris.  Jaryn and Mykah were here all morning, and the sewing class occupied the afternoon.

That’s it.

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